How it all started... Laura and Julie on "their" blends!

"OurPŌW Blends were born out of the need for healthy alternatives to the typical protein powders and snacks. We wanted a healthy drink for people who want to add in extra vitamins and proteins in a tasty, easy way. For example after exercise, or for vegetarians or vegans who could use some extra protein. Or just as a snack if you can't find the time or inclination to get started with healthy eating."

"We find that a lot of people have trouble integrating fresh, healthy food into their daily lifestyle. Many people want to eat healthy, but just don't find the time or the energy for it.""WithPŌW, we want to offer them an honest, full-fledged alternative to the many protein shakes, smoothies and superfoods on the market today. We find that many of these products contain lots of additives and/or sugar, are not necessarily healthy and sometimes very expensive!"

"With in her job as a dietitian and personal trainer, Julie regularly received questions about this. We are very much into health and healthy eating ourselves, and couldn't find any juices or powders on the market that we thought were 100% ok. So we started experimenting ourselves!"

"ThePŌW drinks consist entirely of plant-based ingredients such as oatmeal, flaxseed and freeze-dried fruits and vegetables. Thanks to the freeze-drying process, hardly any nutrients are lost, so the blends are packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber and macronutrients. With one shake, you get up to 150 grams of fruits and vegetables!"

"PŌW blends combine the delicious freshness and ease of a juice, with a boost of vitamins, proteins and micronutrients. Quick, easy and delicious!"


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