Fruits and vegetables are the basis of a healthy diet. Unfortunately, it appears that only 12% of theBelgian population eat enough fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. On average, we eat only 145g of vegetables instead of the recommended 300g per day. Fruit is often limited to 1 piece instead of the recommended 2 to 3 pieces.

There is obviously some room for improvement here and we would like to help you with that! Eating enough fruits and vegetables is not only a delicious choice, but above all a healthy one! They provide us with important nutrients that we need each day to feel and stay fit. They are also an ideal long-term investment in your health. They help lower the risk of various chronic diseases. These include obesity, cardiovascular disease and certain cancers. Fruits and vegetables are low in calories, but are packed with dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals: vitamin C, folic acid, provitamin A carotenoids, potassium and so on.

In addition, they also contain a wide range of bioactive compounds that not only provide additional health benefits, but also add color to our diet. The supply of nutrients varies according to the types. So every fruit and vegetable is unique and special. To enjoy all the wonderful benefits of fruits and vegetables, eat a healthy portion every day and choose enough variety(depending on the season)!

Did you know that each serving of your favorite blend already contains 150g of fruits and vegetables? Now that’s easy!

We have chosen to use freeze-dried powders in our blends because that way the fiber, vitamins and minerals are well preserved. Other shakes typically use a fruit "juice" powder or simply fruit powder or fruit extracts. While these can certainly provide a nice flavor and color, they unfortunately contain very few nutrients.

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