5 ways to boost your immune system!

1. Ginger

Did you know that ginger is one of the best ingredients to boost your immunity?
It is packed with antioxidants that help keep your body healthy and can increase the absorption of nutrients from your intestines by up to 200%. Moreover, it has a detoxifying effect that prevents harmful substances from accumulating in your organs.
Extra bonus these days: ginger stimulates circulation, keeping you nice and warm when it's cold outside (or inside).
Still got it sitting around? Then an extra shot of ginger certainly won't hurt! After all, it acts as an expectorant and inhibits inflammation. Mix 1 spoonful of ginger shot in a cup of hot water for a delicious ginger tea.

2. Don't compromise on sleep

This is basically a no-brainer, yet it often proves difficult to achieve.

Sufficient sleep is not only important to feel fit and energetic during the day. During our sleep, our body is actually working very hard on its own recovery. So it is during this resting moment that we develop our immune system and develop our infection-fighting superpowers.

So feel free to give yourself that extra hour of sleep this winter. A minimum of 7 hours of valuable sleep each night should be the goal. If you go for 8 or 9 these winter months, that's even better.😉

3.Drink up!

Do you sometimes suffer from nagging headaches throughout the day? Feeling tired and heavy? Chances are you just haven't been drinking enough.😳
Being adequately hydrated is important because it regulates your body temperature, aids your digestion and allows us to better absorb vitamins and minerals and eliminate toxins.
When the heating is on, the air is very dry. This allows your lungs to absorb less oxygen from the air. In addition, dry air also evaporates quickly, which can give you a dry throat, dry skin and headaches. The remedy? Drink water!

4. Get your body moving.

As soon as it gets colder outside, the temptation is all the greater to plop lazily under a blanket in the couch. Going outside and getting some fresh air is then just a little less exciting.
Unfortunately... Want to avoid that winter dip? Then get your body moving!
Regular (moderate) exercise gives your immune system a natural boost. It combats inflammation and causes your cells to renew more often.
So get off your couch, put on your coat and brave the fresh air outside. Your body (and your mind) will thank you.

5. Prioritise fruits and vegetables.

It shouldn't surprise you by now, but fruits and vegetables are packed with essential vitamins and minerals that nourish our immunity.
Do you notice that you choose so-called "comfort foods" more often during the colder months? Then be sure to supplement them with plenty of fruits and vegetables!
Provide your body with some extra love this winter and give it the nutrients it needs.
Did you know that 1 serving of our PŌW blends is already good for 150g of extra fruits and vegetables?

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