The benefits of veganism

With PŌW, we try to give proper attention to veganism. It probably won't be the first time you've come across this term. Vegan seems like a real ‘trend’, but it’s much more. Vegan is a way of life, where you can make a big difference even with small steps.

Important to know

Veganism is more than the stuff you find on your plate. The use of clothing, makeup and beauty products that contain animal ingredients or are tested on animals are also things that vegans avoid, as is eating animal products.

The vegan diet also counts a lot of benefits for the climate. Today's livestock, meat and dairy production are very depleting to our planet. For example, the industry is linked to high CO2 emissions, deforestation, high water consumption and pollution of the environment.

Note: the production of 1kg meat requires 16,000 liters of water, which is even to taking a shower for 2 months. Say what!


A healthy lifestyle

Veganism is part of a healthy lifestyle. Throughout the years, several positive side effects of the vegan diet have been proven. However, it is important to check whether you are getting enough nutrients by banning all animal products. If so, make sure you get the necessary substitutes and nutritional supplements to keep your body happy. 

With PŌW, we try to embrace veganism, with our products being 100% vegan and keeping the focus on a healthy lifestyle. For us, it's mainly about being aware of this and using plant-based proteins, which are simply much better for your body.

It’s not necessary for you to change your whole eating habits, to do one’s bit. We also understand that it is quite an adjustment, which certainly does not always fit within our Belgian eating pattern. If you choose, for example, to eat vegan one day a week, you will already make a huge difference.

With PŌW, we make it our mission to make sure it gets easier for you making healthy choices.

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