How to best prepare your ginger shot?

In the previous blog post you could read about the many benefits of ginger shots, but how exactly do you prepare these?

You can prepare it fresh yourself every day by putting a ginger root (and a lemon) through your slow juicer in the morning. Be sure to drink it right then because fresh juices already lose a very large part of their nutritional value within 20 minutes of pressing.

Simple enough, but it takes some time obviously and makes for extra dishes every morning. Especially if you want to use this health booster every day, this may not be the most convenient solution.

An alternative is to buy prepared juices ahead of time and store them in the refrigerator. This saves you a lot of time, but unfortunately also ensures that very few vitamins and minerals remain in your juice. As we noted above, fresh juice quickly loses a lot of its special properties. In fact, after 48h, just about all the vitamins and minerals are gone.

Need to go fast in the morning, but still want to maximize all the benefits of the ginger shot? Then we have good news for you!

For the Ginger Morning Shot, we deliberately chose freeze-dried powders. Immediately after harvest, the ingredients are put through this process so that all vitamins and minerals are optimally preserved.

Dissolve 1tl of the powder in 60 - 80ml of cold or hot water and enjoy an instant perfect fresh ginger shot every day without much waste of time or washing up. 🤩

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