Inspiration for your perfect blend.

We have formulated the blends so that you only need to add water to prepare the ideal snack. Tasty and easy! But... sometimes you want some variation? We would like to give you some tips so you can always enjoy your perfect blend, just the way you like it!

Choose how much water to add: The guideline is 350ml of water for 2 scoops of your blend. Add more or less water to find the texture that works best for you.

Make it a little creamier: Test out your favorite blend with (vegetable) milk instead of water. Are you a fan of coconut? Then be surprised by the effect of coconut water with your blend ;-)

Add an extra boost: Create your own unique PŌW blend by adding extra fruits and vegetables or a scoop of (unsweetened) granola.

Rather not a shake: You can also add the blends perfectly to your (vegetable) yogurt or portion of oatmeal.

PŌWCAKES: Have you seen our pancakes recipe yet? Super tasty and quick to prepare! You can download our recipe book here ;-)

What does your perfect blend look like? Do you have another variation you want to share with us?

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