When is thé best time to drink your ginger shot?

Previously you could read about the benefits of ginger shots and how to prepare them. But what time of day is best to drink them?

In fact, you can drink a ginger shot at any time, but if you want to maximize its health benefits, it is recommended to drink it on an empty stomach. At that time, your body should not be busy digesting food and can fully concentrate on absorbing the vitamins and minerals.

Another reason we recommend drinking it in the morning is because of the energy boost it gives you. The spicy nature of ginger gives you an instant boost and it also stimulates your blood circulation. Ideal to start the day.

Suffering from an afternoon dip? Even then you can still perfectly choose your ginger shot. It's like coffee, but without caffeine and much better for your body.

Ginger is of course also known as a natural aid when you suffer from digestive problems. At that time, you may not choose a shot, but dissolve the powder in warm water for a delicious cup of soothing ginger tea.

Earlier we had also mentioned that ginger is anti-inflammatory and expectorant. Do you have a cold, sore throat or even a flu? Then feel free to drink your ginger shot throughout the day to boost that resistance and relieve symptoms.

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